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Solar Panels on Roof

K9 Roofing was founded on the principle of delivering reliable and top quality residential and commercial roofing. Our mission is to be the top roofing company in Texas, by using the latest roofing materials and techniques. We have made your DIY hassle a no-brainer, don't risk it, just hire us, we have years of experience. We have eco-friendly materials, cutting-edge equipment, and innovative repair solutions. We guarantee an immediate response and your total satisfaction. Working fast is essential for both our residential and commercial roof repair process. We know that for a fact and we will be there for you and your roof problems.

K9 Roofing is dedicated to our pups, we donate 5% of gross profits go to a local dog rescue or no kill shelter of your choice.  (min$100) Have K9 Questions ? Call today!

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